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1 years ago

Jennifer Ju

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9 months ago

Stay away from Dr. Debra Chen at Warm Springs Pet Hospital. She is incompetent. She is reckless. My cat had critically low blood pressure during surgery and she did nothing and then wondered why my cat died after. She's just stupid. Anyone could become a DVM in comparison to her. 


They are seeing too many patients to properly take the time necessary to ensure the safety of your pet. Please do not be fooled by their "transparency" approach. My healthy 3 y/o cat should not have died after a routine teeth cleaning. According to their medical charts, it appears that Dr. Debra Chen performed Stella & Oliver's surgeries at the same time. Is this even legal? THIS is how they're dangerously making up for the lower costs. Despite their claims that they monitored her during recovery, I see no evidence of that. I have been doing A LOT of reading regarding veterinary medicine and it's pretty horrifying. According to Stella's operative monitoring, her BP was very very low. Standard practice would have been to intervene but she did nothing. In fact, she increased the rate of the anesthesia. She doesn't seem to learn from her incompetent decisions either. Just look at their 1 star ratings on Yelp. Then her approach after the fact is to lie. It is a constant theme among their reviews and I experienced it first hand! They lied straight to my face and fabricated their documentation by adding a very general comment pertaining to recovery monitoring. They killed my cat, charged me for my other cat, AND charged me for CPR even though they are the reason Stella even needed CPR to begin with. This place is unbelievable and not to be trusted. Please do not read this and think I am just a looney reviewer and overreacting. They let my healthy 3 year old cat die because they weren't monitoring her after surgery. If they were, and actually taking some vitals, they could/would have seen that perhaps something is not right. If they intervened at that time, she might still be alive today. I know they know this is a true statement but of course will never admit it. They tried to lie about the frequency of monitoring they did and also tried to blame it on the breed of my cats stating they are "high risk." Well, if that were the case, shouldn't they have taken extra measures to make sure they were safe? Never in a million years did I ever think this would happen. Deaths that occur due to anesthesia are not as common as you may think. Don't let them fool you with the statement "you just never know with anesthesia" as Dr. Chen tried to do. Well then why did she do ok last year when she had a tooth extraction...under anesthesia?? Or when she only weighed about 4 lbs & was under anesthesia when she was spayed & did fine?? According to World Small Animal Veterinary Association's Global Dental Guidelines, "Veterinarians should not blame "anesthesia" itself for accidental deaths in the perioperative period since most anesthetic deaths occur when dogs & cats are not being closely monitored or often due to human errors." I should've known when I booked the appointment that it's unusual to be able to get an appt the very next day for a dental cleaning + extractions not for one but TWO cats. They're just packing in as many surgeries as they can in one dangerous. This is evident by the fact they will not accept new clients but if you want a surgical procedure, no problem. Please consider other options. I wish I had read all the 1 star reviews on Yelp.