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How often should you take your pet to the groomer?

Aaron Dunn

Topic Creator

Posts: 6

5 years ago

Once you start taking your dog or cat to the groomer, it's normal to see a huge change in their happiness. Plus, because they often become even cuter after professional grooming, you'll get that much more joy out of being with them.

That's why many pet owners ask the question: how long should I wait between grooming sessions for my cat or dog?

The answer is not exactly clear-cut. In fact, it may differ for every single pet.

A lot of what determines how often you should have your pet groomed is their lifestyle and specific breed. Is your pet particularly active, spending a lot of time outside getting dirty or playing with other animals? Does your pet spend all their time indoors?

Do you have a Persian or a Great Pyrenees? These longer, thicker-haired breeds of cats and dogs may require more attention to keep their coats shiny, healthy, and clean. They also tend to shed a lot more than other pets, so you'll want to stay on top of grooming to keep their hair trimmed. It'll also help you tremendously if anyone in your household suffers from allergies!

As we discussed in another thread, grooming can also lead to some anxiety in pets. Because you know your pet better than anyone, you may notice that they become nervous or agitated before, during, and after grooming. If this is the case, and they don't seem to get used to the process after several attempts, you might want to handle some of the grooming yourself. Keep them as clean as possible, and try to use some of the methods we laid out in the previous grooming anxiety thread to help them handle their emotional states.

How often do you take your pet to the groomer?