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What are the best ways to keep your dog comfortable during grooming?

Aaron Dunn

Topic Creator

Posts: 6

4 years ago

It's a fact that many dogs are not too keen on being handled by strangers with even stranger tools in their hands. That's why many dogs become anxious when it's time for grooming.

You know the old cliche -- dogs hate bath time. While this may not always be true for your dog, you still want to be sure that no experiences your pup goes through are traumatic in any way.

One of the easiest methods for calming your dog during the bathing and grooming process is to get them used to the idea. If you plan on taking your dog to a professional groomer in the future but worry they may feel anxious or upset during their grooming, do it yourself a few times first. Slowly and calmly take your dog into the bathroom and ease them into warm water, petting them and talking in a low and gentle voice. Try techniques like scratching behind their ears while you do it, or whatever your dog likes most. Every time you try bathing them, cutting their hair, or brushing them, try the same calming technique on them.

That way, when it's time to see a professional groomer, you already know what will calm your dog during the process. Also, if you know the specific region that will be worked on – the face, belly, back, tail, etc., pet them frequently in those areas vigorously beforehand. When the groomer begins touching them in those areas, they'll already be accustomed to it and less likely to feel anxious.

Many animal experts suggest spending quality time with your dog, playing and petting, for up to an hour before they go in for grooming. This will put them in a far better mood and make the entire process go more smoothly.

Do you have any tips or tricks for keeping your dog comfortable during the grooming process?